Price and Value Relativity (PVR)

Your tool for an objective analysis of stocks

What is the PVR methodology

Methodology - Value proposition

By including strengths and disregarding weaknesses of existing leading investment theories ( Value investing, Technical and Fundamental analysis ) we have created an integrative methodology on which our investment software is based. We value all stock in the same way with sub sequent analysis being consistent and objective. With our approach and the objective analysis of all stocks, sectors and markets, this enables us to compare and identify good value stocks and disregard bad value ones. As such it helps to identify the timing of when to buy and sell, which also improves returns to investors. [ more ]

How To Use the Method PVR:

The system created and made available on this site is a platform that has the primary task of reviewing up to thousands of shares at the same time, filtering them and ordering them according to the algorithms underlying of the objective methodology of price and the value relativity. Once registered and selected the own index as S & P 500 rather than the DAX, etc, the program can at any given time make a new full scan of all stocks taken into account and sort them by default highlighting them according to the best ratio of quality and price HPR. [ more ]

PVR Index

In this screen we present what are the performance achieved over time by a hypothetical portfolio based solely on the method of the Price and Value Relativity applied to the stocks included in the S&P 500 during the period of time ranging from 2004 to 2014 [ more ]